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688 Attack Sub (SEGA GENESIS) Simulation 1991


688 Attack Sub is a submarine simulator computer game designed by John W. Ratcliff and Paul Grace that was developed and released by Electronic Arts in 1989 for MS-DOS and 1990 for Amiga. Sega produced a Sega Genesis version in 1991, designed by MicroProse.


The player assumes command of a nuclear-powered attack submarine of the US Los Angeles class or the Soviet Alfa class and completes 10 missions ranging from Cold War scenarios to combat missions in a fictional global battle.

The American submarine, as portrayed in the game, has more modern electronics and armaments. The Soviet boat carries fewer armaments but travels at a faster rate.

This was one of the first games that allow two players to compete against each other through modem (or null modem cable).

Ratcliff and Grace later created SSN-21 Seawolf, which was released in 1994.


In 1989, Computer Gaming World gave the DOS version a favorable review, noting that the game was intended to be a fun game rather than a realistic simulator, and concluded that it was "this reviewer's personal nominee for 'Game of the Year.'" In 1992 and 1994, assessments of wargames with current settings in the magazine rated the game two stars out of five, claiming that the game was more akin to World War II submarine tactics than modern submarine operations, and criticizing the "unrealistic" focus on periscope target acquisition.Compute! named the game one of the "nine outstanding games for 1989," characterizing it as "as quick and exhilarating as any Mach 2 flight simulator." The visuals and two-player modem option were lauded by the publication, although the paucity of more than 10 missions was questioned.

Mike Siggins reviewed 688 Attack Sub for Games International magazine, giving it a 7 out of 10 rating and stating that "The allure of deploying contemporary weaponry quickly fades, leaving just the various circumstances to liven things up. Overall, it's a solid game with an intriguing theme that may use a second edition."

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