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ATP Tour Championship Tennis (SEGA GENESIS) Sport 1994

Sega launched the tennis videogame ATP Tour Championship Tennis in 1994.

The primary mode of the game, ATP Tour, begins with the user establishing a player and setting variables like as birth date, country, height, weight, and gameplay-related qualities such as making the player right or left-handed, and selecting two motions for each backhand and forehand. When the game begins, the user is positioned at the bottom of the rankings. The ATP Senior Tour is a single-elimination competition in which eight former ATP players compete. The game features 40 licensed ATP tennis players, including 32 current (at the time) and 8 retired legends.


In Exhibition mode, the user can choose between a singles game versus the computer, another person, or just watching, and a doubles game with four players at the same time. In Exhibition Tournament, the user may build a singles tournament by choosing criteria such as match duration and surface type (clay, hard, carpet and grass).



According to GamePro, "ATP earns a clear triumph against EA's previous IMG International Tennis Tour." They commended the game's multiple settings, decent controls, and changeable difficulty, however they did say that the ball scaling "often distracts you more than it helps." The game's originality was praised by a Next Generation reviewer, who stated, "The usual Pong feel of previous tennis games is still all here, but the ability to lob a pass, drill a passing shot, cut the ball, and nail 100 mph serves on the chalk, makes this absolutely the best Genesis tennis product to date." He also awarded it four out of five stars for the incredibly difficult AI and approachable gameplay.

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