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Aaahh!!! Real Monsters (SEGA GENESIS) Platform 1995

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters is a 1995 action-adventure platform game developed by Realtime Associates and distributed by Viacom New Media for the Sega Genesis and SNES based on the Nickelodeon animated series of the same name.



Three young monsters, Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm, must pass their Monster Midterm Exam in order to graduate from Monster Academy. In order to pass the exam, they must fear a certain number of people, as ordered by their headmaster, the Gromble.


As Ickis, Oblina, or Krumm, the player explores various locations, collecting specified goods and scaring specific individuals as instructed by Gromble. The characters begin in the sewer and work their way up to the human realm. Each character has their own particular talent that may frequently be utilized to solve puzzles or conquer obstacles: Ickis can fly for a brief period, Oblina can climb high ledges, and Krumm can scan off-screen places.

The monsters may also work together to access goods that are ordinarily out of reach, such as piling on top of one another. The main weapon of the protagonists is rubbish, which they may hurl at foes. Collecting rubbish bags and fish bones grants a limited supply of stronger ammunition, triple trash, which allows you to throw three pieces of trash at once. Collecting "Monster Manuals" enables them to conduct a "scare" that defeats any foes on screen, scares them into fleeing for their life, or depletes a set number of hit points from a boss's health. The purpose of the game is to complete all stages and locate all of the things needed to pass the test, including fighting a boss target at the conclusion of the last level above ground, with the ultimate boss being the monsters' sworn adversary, Simon the Monster Hunter, in most cases.


In his review of the Super NES version, GamePro's Tommy Glide described the game as "standard platform-hopping." He disliked the level design, jerky scrolling, poor backdrops, and stiff controls, but praised the high-quality music and noises.

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