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Air Diver (SEGA GENESIS) Shoot 'em up 1990


Air Diver: F-119 Stealth Fighter Simulation is a combat flight simulator video game released in April 1990 for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive system by Seismic (Asmik Ace Entertainment in Japan). It is significant for being one of the console's two initial third-party released titles in North America. Years later, a sequel, Super Air Diver, was published only for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


This video game is a first-person combat flight simulator akin to After Burner (from inside the cockpit). The player must pilot the fictitious F-119D Stealth Fighter against terrorists operating out of the Middle East, fighting against US forces and backed by various hostile states, including the Soviet Union (Although the back of the US package says that the terrorists are backed by extraterrestrial beings). Players must utilize their stealth talents to avoid discovery and liberate the world from repressive anti-American governments.

Boss battles resemble those found in previous arcade combat flight simulator games. The player's score is tracked in the same way that video arcade games are. Missions can take place at any time of day or night.


Air Diver received mixed to negative feedback. The critics at EGM were possibly the most complimentary, awarding it ratings of 6 and 7, appreciating the rich art but criticizing the repetitious gameplay and sluggish scrolling. Micro News in France rated it "crap," calling it a "pale replica of After Burner" and "hopelessly, surely worthless." When compared to After Burner, German magazine Power Play claimed it "looks like a dusty propeller plane" and "not a strong start for Asmik," scoring it 37 percent.

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