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Alien Soldier (SEGA GENESIS) Run and gun 1995


Alien Soldier is a Sega Mega Drive side-scrolling run-and-gun video game developed by Treasure and released by Sega. Retail copies were available in Japan and PAL nations, but only through the Sega Channel cable service in North America.

The plot revolves around Epsilon-Eagle, a powerful entity who, after nearly dying, becomes motivated to revenge his death and preserve his planet. To complete the game, the player must master the character's weapons and techniques. Many gameplay concepts are lifted from Treasure's previous Mega Drive product, Gunstar Heroes (1993). Alien Soldier, on the other hand, has a premium on difficult boss encounters, with short and simple stages acting as filler in between.

Following the debut of Gunstar Heroes, Treasure began production on four titles, one of which being Alien Soldier. Hideyuki Suganami, who had high intentions and planned to design the entire game himself, directed development for two years. Suganami gained backing from other Treasure workers and launched the game with just approximately half of his initial plans achieved, since the market for the Mega Drive was rapidly dwindling to make room for the forthcoming 32-bit fifth generation technology. Alien Soldier was intended and marketed specifically for "hardcore" Mega Drive gamers, with difficulty and score techniques tailored to those who appreciated the system's robust action game library.

Alien Soldier was released in February 1995, at the conclusion of the Mega Drive's lifespan. Critics lauded the game for its challenge and playability, and similar emotions were echoed in retrospective reviews, which praised the game's aesthetics, soundtrack, and overall intensity. Some have criticized the game for its tough difficulty, steep learning curve, and unconventional gameplay, however many fans of Gunstar Heroes and the run and shoot genre still recommend it. The game was initially re-released in Japan on the PlayStation 2 for the Sega Ages 2500 series, which contains several regional editions and added features. It was also re-released on the Wii Virtual Console and Steam globally.


Alien Soldier is a side-scrolling run-and-gun video game in which the player controls Epsilon-Eagle over 25 stages and 26 monsters. The gameplay has been strongly likened to Gunstar Heroes, but with a far greater focus on boss fights and no 2-player option. The stages are noticeably short, with weak foes serving as filler in between the more challenging boss confrontations. The game has two difficulty levels: "supereasy" and "superhard." Enemies in the hard setting are just slightly more difficult; nevertheless, unlike in the simple mode, there are no passwords or limitless continues.

Epsilon-Eagle has the ability to sprint, double leap, hover in the air, and utilize six different weapons. Only four weapons can be equipped at any given moment, however the player can pick which weapons to equip before the game begins. Each gun has its own ammo bar that may be refreshed; if it runs out, the player will only have a limited amount of firepower. The player may also sprint across the screen, which, when fully charged, transforms into a lethal technique dubbed "Phoenix Force," which damages any foes in its path. There is also a counter move that, when executed correctly, converts opponent bullets into health. Epsilon-Eagle attacks in both fixed-fire and free-moving modes. The first leaves him immobile while firing a weapon, allowing for rapid targeting, while the second allows him to walk and shoot at the same time, although at the expense of directional accuracy. 

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