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Alisia Dragoon (SEGA GENESIS) Platform 1992

Alisia Dragoon is a Sega Genesis platform game released in 1992 by Game Arts. Alisia, a young woman on a journey to revenge her father and redeem the planet, is controlled by the player. She can call four devoted creatures and fire lightning from her palms. Sega released the game outside of Japan. Despite critical praise, the game was not a financial success. The game was also published in September 2019 for the Sega Genesis Mini.


The player plays Alisia Dragoon, the protagonist, on her journey to redeem the world by overcoming the wicked forces that killed her father. Alisia must leap across gaps and defeat opponents as she progresses through eight stages of side-scrolling landscapes. Each stage is finished by beating the final boss.

Alisia's pet monsters are assisting her in her mission. These animals fly about the heroine on their own, attacking her opponents and preventing hostile strikes. There are four pets, each with a unique attack. The Boomerang Lizard hurls boomerangs, while the Dragon Frye spits fireballs. The Thunder Raven fires a thunderbolt that impacts foes all across the screen, while the Ball of Fire burns enemies on contact. Although only one pet can fight with Alisia in her quest, the player can choose any of the four (or none at all) as the active companion at any moment.

Alisia and her monsters may increase their powers by collecting power-ups throughout the game. These upgrade items are scattered across the first seven stages, usually in obscure spots. The numerous power-ups can heal Alisia and her enemies, boost their maximum life bars, strengthen their assaults, or provide them temporary invulnerability. Damage from opponent assaults and traps depletes life bars. When Alisia's pets lose all of their life bars, they are deleted from the game and cannot be resurrected until a "Revive" power-up is obtained. If Alisia uses up all of her life bars, she can retry the level by using a continue. If all of the continues are spent, the game is over. Alisia Dragoon does not provide any features for preserving the player's progress. After the game is over, a screen appears that charts the player's overall performance based on the number of kills, the power level of Alisia's assault, and the frequency with which the pet monsters are employed.


The narrative of Alisia Dragoon is basic and brief, like it is in most Sega Genesis action games. The game immediately jumps into action, assigning Alisia the duty of destroying everything in sight. Following the defeat of the last boss, the player is treated to a cinematic sequence depicting Alisia's victorious return to her home.

The handbook covers a lot of the backstory. Alisia is the daughter of a magician who sought to stop Baldour, the prince of all evil. Baldour tortured her father to death in front of her as a toddler. Despite the fact that the globe has not entirely recovered from the devastation caused by Baldour's previous visit, Baldour's attendant Ornah is able to carry his sleeping cocoon back to Earth. Alisia, now a lady with magical abilities comparable to her father's, sets out to destroy Baldour's cocoon before he awakens.

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