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Animaniacs (SEGA GENESIS) Platform 1994


Animaniacs (Animaniakusu) is a Konami series of platform video games based on the same-named cartoon series. Two games were created, each with a distinct gameplay and storyline: one for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and one for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and Game Boy. The SNES and Genesis versions came out in 1994, while the Game Boy version came out in 1995.


The Warner Siblings, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, plan to create a hip-hop culture shop in order to be closer to their favorite movie stars in the Genesis version. To that goal, they visit several movie locations on the Warner Bros. studio complex in search of movie artifacts to sell. However, once they have gathered all of the relics, Pinky and the Brain seek to take them in order to further their goals for global dominance.


Version for Sega Genesis/Game Boy.
The game has four major levels that may be played in any order. To earn a piece of movie memorabilia, the player must complete each level and defeat the boss. A fifth level will then be unlocked in order to collect the last piece of movie memorabilia. After completing the first five stages, players proceed to the final level, where they must battle Pinky and the Brain. Players take control of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, alternating between them to employ their unique powers. Yakko stuns foes with a paddleball and can push and drag items like crates. Wakko employs a mallet, which he can use to strike switches, smash specific things, and light fuses. Dot has the ability to blow kisses, which, when used on particular characters, cause certain acts to be taken in order to proceed.

The Warner Brothers and Sister have a lot of lifestyles and health markers. The lives can be extended by earning either 100 stars or a little golden representation of their faces. The faces on the upper left of the screen reflect their health. They are healthy when they grin, but if they appear exhausted, sad, or weak, they should seek medical attention immediately (which is found in the forms of several forms of ice cream or sweets, or other kinds of food). The levels have a timer.

Factor 5 converted this version to the Game Boy, however owing to space limits, only three levels are there, and significant elements of the three levels are missing. This version lacks both the Science Fiction/Space Opera - Space Wars (Space Trucking) and nearly all of the final Action Movie - Once There Was A Man Named Oscar levels. On easy mode, the Game Boy version stops after three levels. After completing the first three stages on regular and hard settings, the Game Boy version advances to Once There Was A Man Named Oscar and faces Pinky and the Brain.

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