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Arrow Flash (SEGA GENESIS) Shoot 'em up 1990


Arrow Flash (Japanese: Hepburn: Ar Furasshu) is a horizontally scrolling shooter video game developed by Sega and released in 1990 for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis by Sega in Japan and Europe and Renovation Products in the United States.

The main character of the game operates a prototype transformable fighter-mecha bequeathed to her grandfather to combat an extraterrestrial invasion on humanity. The game is largely a horizontal shooter, with one stage that scrolls down.


The player, as in many scrolling shooters, starts with a basic shot that may be improved and/or traded for additional weapons, as well as obtain tiny spacecraft that follow the player's ship around and duplicate its attacks. These power-ups are spread across the stages, as is customary. They are kept while progressing to the next stage but are completely lost when the player loses a life.

The ability to change the player's spacecraft is one of two extra aspects that set Arrow Flash apart from other scrolling shooters. The player may choose between two forms: a humanoid mech and a fighter plane, with the armaments altering based on the shape. The jet form only shoots forward but with great force; it may travel faster horizontally, and the assistance ships follow the jet in a snakelike fashion. The mech form has a larger shooting angle (sometimes even firing backwards with necessary upgrades), a faster vertical speed, and the assistance ships remain in a fixed configuration. Missiles will also target foes in mech form, whereas they will only fly forward in jet form. Regardless of appearance, the spacecraft is destroyed in a single strike unless the player equips an energy shield that can withstand three hits.

The game's eponymous "Arrow Flash" is a very strong ability that varies depending on the shape: the jet shoots five huge blasts ahead, whilst the mech form becomes consumed in flame, giving it invincible to assaults for a brief period. Arrow Flashes are immediate but restricted in "Stock" mode and must be used sparingly, but "Charge" mode allows arrow flashes to be used indefinitely but with a lower effect and must be "charged up" before use.


Arrow Flash follows Zana Keene (called Anna Schwinn in the European edition and Starna Oval in the Japanese release) as she battles hostile aliens. There are allusions to Gundam and Macross throughout the game.

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