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Atomic Runner/Chelnov (SEGA GENESIS) Run and gun 1992

Atomic Runner Chelnov is a Japanese runner arcade game released in 1988 by Data East.


Chelnov's motions are controlled by the eight-way joystick and the three attack, leap, and turn buttons. During the game, you may get six different types of weapons: lasers, fire rings, boomerangs, spike bola balls, splike ball whips, and missiles. Chelnov's attack power, rapid-firing capabilities, attack range, and leaping height may all be improved by collecting power-ups.

The game is a forced side-scrolling game in which the screen scrolls to the left at a steady speed until the player is facing a boss, in which case the screen stops scrolling. Even if the user releases the joystick, Chelnov will continue to run with the screen. Though the player may travel to the left or right of the scrolling screen by pressing the appropriate direction on the joystick, except while facing a boss, it is impossible to stop or move backwards (Chelnov can turn backwards while jumping). For its time, the main character's sprite animation is incredibly realistic and fluid, akin to Karateka and the early Prince of Persia games. When the player completes all seven stages of the game, the ending screen displays.


The player assumes the character of Chelnov, a coal miner who miraculously survives a nuclear power plant failure and explosion. Chelnov's body obtains superhuman powers as a result of the large quantity of radiation released by the explosion, and a shadowy group tries to exploit those talents for malevolent ends. Chelnov must use his newfound talents to confront and defeat the hidden organization.

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