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Batman Returns (SEGA GENESIS) Platform 1992


Based on the film of the same name, Batman Returns is a 1992 beat 'em up video game for different platforms. Sega released the Sega console versions (Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Master System, and Game Gear), whereas Konami produced and published the NES and Super NES versions. Konami also released the MS-DOS and Amiga versions, however these were produced by Spirit of Discovery and Denton Designs, respectively. Konami also offered an Atari ST version, but it was never delivered. Atari Corporation also released an Atari Lynx version of the game.


The game's Sega Genesis and Sega CD versions are nearly identical, since they are both two-dimensional platforming games in the style of Sega's earlier movie-based Batman game.
The Genesis version of the game was published on December 29, 1992, at the same time as Ecco the Dolphin for the Sega Genesis.
The CD edition of the game includes a number of 3D racing stages that made advantage of the Sega CD unit's graphical technology, as well as better music in the form of CD audio with a number of animations showcasing unique artwork (not film photos). While different versions follow the story of the film from beginning to end, the Sega versions begin after The Penguin kills the Ice Princess and frames Batman for her death, as revealed in the game's introductions.

The game's Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear versions are side-scrolling platformers. The titles, however, were designed separately of the 16-bit versions. This version had a unique branching level structure that allowed players to select between an easy and challenging path. In these versions of levels, players were frequently required to use rope swinging to negotiate enormous floorless sections.

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