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Battletoads/Double Dragon (SEGA GENESIS) Beat 'em up 1993


Battletoads/Double Dragon is a 1993 beat 'em up developed by Rare and released by Tradewest. It was first released for the Nintendo Entertainment System before being transferred to the Mega Drive/Genesis, Super NES, and Game Boy.

The Ultimate Team is a mash-up of the Double Dragon and Rare's own Battletoads game brands, albeit Technos had little or no recognized participation in the game's creation other from the Double Dragon license. Billy and Jimmy Lee, two youthful martial arts masters from the Double Dragon series, appear in the game, as do the three humanoid toad protagonists from the Battletoads game. It is also the first Battletoads game in which all three toads may be played as characters. The technology and concept of the game are directly based on the Battletoads series.

Theme and gameplay:

It employs the engine from the original Battletoads game, and its gameplay is more similar to that of the Rare-developed product than Double Dragon. The malevolent Dark Queen escapes to the furthest reaches of the cosmos after being beaten by the Battletoads, and the 'Toads and their instructor go about their lives. To level the odds, the Battletoads call Billy and Jimmy Lee and ask for their assistance. The first level of the seven-level game takes place on the tail of Colossus, the second on the ship's inner passages in level two, the third in the ship's base, and the fourth on a small space vessel where the player attempts to destroy the ship from the outside.

The fourth level is where the beat 'em up game becomes a shooter, as the Dark Queen launches asteroids, mines, and UFOs at the player's spacecraft. In addition to the three titular toads, Billy and Jimmy, and the two main villains, there are other characters from previous Battletoads or Double Dragons titles that appear in the crossover game, such as the first level boss Abobo, the Rat Pack chief Big Blag who is the second level boss, a gun-wielding Roper who is the third level boss, Robo-Manus who is the fifth level boss, Battletoads enemies such as ravens, walkers. The crossover, like the original Battletoads, contains a speeder bike portion at the conclusion of stage two, where the player dodges enormous blue «Drums» and leaps over «Post Walls». In Battletoads/Double Dragon, an item not seen in previous iterations of both series is "Bonus Pods," which contain either points, energy, a weapon, or an additional life, albeit, like in the first Battletoads, accumulating 100,000 points is another means of acquiring lives.

Enemies that only appear in Battletoads/Double Dragon include the dumb but rough Guido,  a cowardly, dynamite-throwing «Doorman of Doom»  the player faces in the corridors,  the grenade-throwing «Windowman of Doom» who is the Doorman's brother  and fought in the fifth stage,  a «Shadow Marine» of «mindless morons» guarding the ship on its tail,  Ryders in the second level's speed-biking section,  Buzz Discs on the walls of the ship's interior that lets out 10,000 volts of energy,  and Securi-cams encountered throughout the Colossus's base  that shoot high-powered blasts if something is in its lens.

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