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Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (SEGA GENESIS) Platform 1990


Illusion Castle Sega's 1990 platform game starring Mickey Mouse was published for the Mega Drive/Genesis. The game was subsequently published in 8-bit form for the Master System and Game Gear. Mickey Mouse is on a journey to save Minnie Mouse from the wicked sorceress Mizrabel. It was the first game in Sega's long-running Illusion video game series starring Mickey, and it was also part of the Mega Drive/second Genesis's wave of titles, which helped cement the console's reputation until the arrival of Sonic the Hedgehog in 1991.

Critics praised Castle of Illusion, particularly the original 16-bit version. In Japan, it was re-released in 1998 as part of Sega Ages: Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck for the Sega Saturn, which also included Castle of Illusion and QuackShot. In September 2013, Sega Studios Australia published a version of the game for PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and PC. In 2019, the game was also available on the Sega Genesis Mini.


Castle of Illusion is a side-scrolling platformer in which the player controls Mickey Mouse as he travels through the Castle of Illusion to save Minnie Mouse from an evil witch named Mizrabel who wishes to steal Minnie's youth and beauty. Mickey learns from the castle's actual owner and monarch that he must find the Seven Gems of the Rainbow in order to destroy Mizrabel. The bulk of the seven jewels are housed in various illusion-filled worlds (called as levels in the game) and are guarded by Mizrabel's minions, known as the Masters of Illusion. Mizrabel's army fights with the Masters of Illusion. Enchanted mushrooms, toy soldiers, ball-juggling, unicycle-riding clowns, spiders, and armored knights comprise the army. Mickey enters the castle corridor after thanking the castellan and rushes through five doors, each leading to a different floor. The Enchanted Forest, Toyland, The Storm, Dessert Factory, The Library, and lastly The Castle are the levels.


Mickey's primary attack is to 'bounce' while leaping, which may be utilized to fight foes or to bounce upwards to higher ground. Mickey may also gather missiles like apples and marbles to use against his opponents. There are numerous objects that provide more attempts, score bonus points, and enhance the player's health.

Every level concludes with a boss encounter against each Master of Illusion (Mizrabel's minions) in which Mickey can earn a gem, with the exception of the final two levels, which offer a gem halfway through. Obtaining all jewels after conquering all five levels will unlock the path to the witch's tower. There, the player encounters the last boss: a massive and young Mizrabel (resembling a cross between the Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty). There is also an easy mode, which allows players to go through shortened versions of the first three levels with no boss fights.

The game's game mechanics, opponents, items, stages, and visuals change between the Master System and Game Gear versions.

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