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Chakan The Forever Man (SEGA GENESIS) Platform 1992

Chakan: The Forever Man is a Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and Game Gear video game released on December 8, 1992 by Sega of America. The game's premise was unusually grim at the time of its release, when the home console market was flooded with licensed platformers based on family-friendly media.

It is based on Robert A. Kraus's comic book of the same name, and it was developed by Ed Annunziata, who met Chakan's author at a convention and was pleased. Chakan is composer Mark Miller's lone effort as a gameplay and level designer, in addition to composing.


The player, as Chakan, begins in a central hub stage from which he may choose one of four elemental-based "planes" with three levels each: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The player progresses through each platforming level until completion or death, at which point Chakan is returned to the hub and given the option of selecting a new level on the same or a different plane. The player has a limitless number of lives, but if he is "killed," he will be returned to the hub. An hourglass at the bottom of the screen reveals how much time the player has to accomplish all of the stages in the aircraft. If time runs out, the player is taken back to the hub and must restart the plane from the beginning. Chakan begins with his trademark twin swords, but gains a new weapon in the first stage of each element, such as the Grappling Hook, which enables him to grip onto hooks and climb, and the Hammer, which can smash through certain barriers. Chakan may also gather potions from each of the four elements, which he can combine and utilize to offer himself temporary powers such as elemental powers for his swords or increased leap height.

Chakan clears the "terrestrial plane" after conquering the three levels and the opponent monsters for each plane, and then goes on a mission to fight four "elemental planes of evil," each of which consists of three levels and a boss for fire, earth, wind, and water. These levels are far more difficult than the first four aircraft sets.


The story follows Chakan, a warrior who is so sure of his swordsmanship that he boasts that even Death cannot defeat him in combat. Death arrives and confronts Chakan: if he defeats him, Chakan will be awarded endless life. If Death triumphs, he will become Death's eternal servant. The battle lasts several days before Chakan is victorious. Death offers him his reward but also condemns him to roam the entire universe until all supernatural evil is vanquished.

Chakan is pictured stabbing himself with his sword in preparation of his death after slaying the supernatural horrors of Earth. Death responds that every star in the cosmos includes a planet teeming with magical evil, therefore Chakan's curse persists. The player is only allowed one try to battle one of these cosmic supernatural evils as the game's final enemy; if unsuccessful, Chakan states that "rest will come another day." If Chakan overcomes the monster, an hourglass background similar to the one seen in the story exposition panels appears with no writing, and after fifteen minutes, a single line of text appears reading "Not the end."

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