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Cyborg Justice (SEGA GENESIS) Beat 'em up 1993

Cyborg Justice is a Sega Mega Drive side-scrolling beat 'em up video game developed by Novotrade and published in 1993.



A spacecraft crashes upon a mining colony in the game's opening cinematic. The occupant of the spacecraft dies shortly after the accident. The brain of the space traveler is rescued and put into a cyborg body. His memory is obliterated in order for him to be put to work. The memory wipe fails, forcing the player, as the reluctant cyborg, to flee.


When the game begins, players are asked to choose an arm, body, and legs for their cyborg figure. Enemies are likewise made out of these three sorts of cyborg pieces, with the secondary arm mixed in. When players select the "two players game mode," they will be asked to the customizing room, and then either the main adventure mode or the duel mode, depending on what they previously established in the Options menu. The first player has a metallic gray and yellow combo, while the second player has a metallic green and purple combination.
Enemies arrive in pairs, with the first and second player colors being the same. Picking up and using objects and manipulating enemies, grabbing the enemy's arm and removing it, swapping it for the current arm, and if the enemy does not have a primary arm, the player can grab the body and tear the enemy in half, which can then be drained to replenish energy are all moves available to players.

As the stages continue, the player will encounter cyborg foes with various modified bodies. By kicking the debris and clutching downward at the displayed object, the player can switch out components from killed foes if needed. This is often required, such as in the first level, when the player is confronted with an adversary with high-jump legs and must jump across a huge abyss. Battles with foes get progressively harder later on. The stronger weaponry obtained from killed adversaries are crucial in fighting the following wave of attackers or end-level monsters.

In simple mode, there are three stages, each with three levels, and a boss at the third level of each stage. In stage 1, the player is transformed into a cyborg after their space ship crashes, but their memory erasure fails, allowing the player to become a rebel cyborg fighting for freedom and destroying whomever transformed them. Stage 1 is the planet's fringes, with scant civilisation. There is a boss on the third level of stage 1 that the player must beat in order to advance to the next stage. Once defeated, the player advances to stage 2, level 1. In stage 2, the player is trapped within a structure and must fight their way through all three floors to get to stage 3. The third stage places the player in an industrial setting. In easy mode, the player wins the game when he or she overcomes the boss in stage 3, level 3. Each stage's level is a different hue from the one before it.


When the player beats the Brainiac at the conclusion of the game, the scene changes and the player finds themselves in the same place where they were compelled to comply with commands at the start of the game.

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