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Daze Before Christmas (SEGA GENESIS) Platform 1994

Daze Before Christmas is a platform video game created by Norwegian firm Funcom for the Mega Drive and released exclusively in Australia by Sunsoft in 1994. It was released in Europe and Australia on the Super NES. A North American release date has been canceled.


The player takes control of Santa Claus as he tries to save Christmas from an evil mouse who has stolen the children's toys and cursed them. Santa uses his magical skills to transform huge rats, nasty toys, and live snowmen into innocent Christmas presents. He may also obtain a power-up that allows him to unleash flames that dissolve ice. The Christmas presents spread across the levels may also be opened using Santa's magic. These gifts might include opponents, power-ups, bells, elves, or bombs. Santa's energy level is symbolized by Santa hats, which signify the number of strikes he can withstand before dying. He may refill his energy by collecting more hats.

Santa's ability to transform into his evil twin, "Anti-Claus," is one of the game's distinctive elements. Santa morphs into a blue-suited, devilish-looking version of himself by sipping a cup of tea. Santa is invincible as Anti-Claus, although he cannot use his magic or unwrap presents. His major assault strategy is swinging his toy sack at adversaries.

At certain times during the game, Santa flies on his sleigh and drops the presents he gathers down chimneys throughout the world in between platform stages.

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