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Donald in Maui Mallard (SEGA GENESIS) Platform 1995

Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow is a platforming video game created and distributed by Disney Interactive Studios. It was initially released as Donald in Maui Mallard. In truth, an NTSC version of the Genesis game was launched in Brazil, which the creators modified after the PAL version was released and which was still scheduled for release in the United States in early 1996. This latter version served as the foundation for the PC port. The game was one of the first under the Disney Interactive Studios name to be launched.

In September 1996, the game had its North American debut at Walt Disney World. Three Maui Mallard kiosks were built at the Disney Interactive exhibit at EPCOT's Innoventions plaza. The game stars Donald Duck as duck detective Maui Mallard, who goes by the moniker "Cold Shadow" when he dresses up in ninja attire. For unclear reasons, all Donald Duck references are eliminated in the North American editions of the game, and the main character is simply known as Maui Mallard.
Despite the fact that the game's ending instructed the player to look forward to Maui's next adventure, neither Maui Mallard nor Cold Shadow have appeared in any other media.


Aside from standard platform game action (running about, hopping from platform to platform), one of the game's most distinguishing elements is the ability to change the player character's form to fit one's desires. The player starts as Maui, whose only means of self-defense is an insect-launching gun that can launch several types of bugs, some of which can be combined for greater effect. When the player progresses to the second level, Maui turns into Cold Shadow, his ninja alter ego, who defends himself with short-range strikes with a bo staff. Cold Shadow's staff is also employed to further explore the level, such as traversing a tiny tunnel. After the second level, the player can freely swap between Maui and Cold Shadow, as long as he has enough ninja tokens for the change. When playing as Maui or Cold Shadow in the SNES version, the number of ninja tokens Maui or Cold Shadow has impacts Cold Shadow's power, which allows him to chain more and more strikes as his skill develops. On Genesis, however, Maui must acquire red ninja tokens instead of white tokens, as the white tokens are only needed for transformation. Some stages, however, prevent Maui from morphing at all, such as when Cold Shadow cannot bungee jump on vines, forcing the player to utilize Maui throughout the level.


When the enigmatic Shabuhm Shabuhm idol goes stolen, Maui Mallard, a "medium-boiled" detective, is visiting a tropical island. Shabuhm Shabuhm is the island's natural guardian spirit, and if the idol is not found, the entire island will erupt. Maui is assigned the case, and his investigations take him through a scary house, ancient ninja training grounds (where he obtains the power to transform into Cold Shadow), and a local hamlet, where Maui is sacrificed to the native gods by being tossed into a volcano. Maui survives the volcano, and the islanders subject him to the "test of duckhood," which he passes, earning the trust of the inhabitants. The islanders inform Maui that the only person who knows the whereabouts of Shabuhm Shabuhm has long ago died, so Maui travels to the bottom of the sea to retrieve his bones before passing through the country of the dead to accompany his spirit to rest. Finally, the location of Shabuhm Shabuhm is revealed, and Maui battles the witch doctor over the idol in his Mojo Stronghold. Maui triumphs, and as a token of their thanks, the islanders name their island after their hero, despite their reservations that the name "Mallard" will not attract tourists.

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