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Dynamite Headdy (SEGA GENESIS) Platform 1994

Dynamite Headdy is a platform video game created by Treasure and released by Sega in 1994 for the Sega Genesis. The game follows Headdy, a puppet, as he attempts to stop an evil puppet king from taking over his realm. Headdy can defeat foes by throwing his head at them and using it to drag himself to different regions and manipulate items. The player may locate a broad range of "heads" that operate as power-ups, providing varied effects and changing the gameplay.

Dynamite Headdy received favorable reviews from critics. Critics praised the game's uniqueness and innovation in separating it from other platform games. They also praised Treasure for displaying their technological prowess with amazing graphics effects and for expanding on the popularity of their previous game, Gunstar Heroes (1993). Dynamite Headdy is regarded as one of the finest Genesis games, both at the time and in retrospect, and has since been featured in several collections of legendary Genesis games. An 8-bit port for Game Gear was created, which served as the foundation for a Master System port published in Brazil.


Headdy, a puppet with a removable head, is controlled by the player in Dynamite Headdy, a platform game. The plot follows Headdy as he embarks on adventures to defend his planet from the evil puppet King Dark Demon, who is changing all of the world's puppets into his terrible henchmen. Headdy must defeat the King's army, which includes characters such as Trouble Bruin[b] and the key masters who serve as level bosses. To attack foes, Headdy may jump and fling his head in any direction. He can also use his head to grab hooks and pull himself up to higher places. Headdy's health is reflected by a colored spotlight in the corner of the screen. The player will lose a life if they do not pick up restorative objects to repair oneself after being damaged by opponents.

Throughout his quest, Headdy will discover power-ups that alter the form and function of his cranium. These 17 power-ups range from enhancing damage to offering invincibility, replenishing health, increasing speed, and so forth. Some of these power-ups are only available for a limited period. Aside from heads, the player may locate health restorers, bonus points, and additional lives throughout the stages. Players can access a Bonus Stage by discovering the Liberty Head, in which they must shoot basketballs into the right hoops. In contrast to most platform games where falling into a bottomless pit results in instant death, if Headdy falls off, he will bounce back up, allowing the player to place him back on a platform, but Headdy will still incur some damage.

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