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RoadBlasters (SEGA GENESIS) Racing 1991

Atari Games launched RoadBlasters, a combat racing video game, in arcades in 1987. In RoadBlasters, the player must pilot an armed sports automobile through 50 distinct rally races, completing each before running out of petrol.


The goal is to finish all 50 rallies without running out of gas. For additional points, the player's automobile is armed with a cannon that may be used to destroy opponent cars and roadside gun turrets. At the start of each rally, a score multiplier of one is established. The multiplier grows by one for each successful striking of a target, up to a maximum multiplier of ten. The multiplier decreases by one after missing a target.

A helicopter may periodically fly overhead, dropping a power-up item for the player to collect; these goods have a limited amount of uses. In addition, the player will meet unbreakable obstacles such as mines, rocks, floating "spiker" balls, and oil slicks, the latter of which will cause the player to lose control for a brief period of time if touched.

The player's vehicle has two gasoline tanks, one primary and one reserve. If the main tank becomes dry at any point, the automobile will start using its reserve. When picked up, red (dropping by adversaries killed from afar) and green (appearing at particular milestones) globes on the route provide modest quantities of gasoline to the main tank. Reaching the halfway point of a rally restores the main tank to its starting level, but has no effect on the reserve. The main tank is replaced at the end of each rally, and gasoline is added to the reserve according on the number of points scored in that stage.

Contact with any adversary, missile, or barrier other than an oil slick kills the player's car, deactivates any power-ups, and resets the score multiplier to one. While a replacement automobile is on the road, the player loses a little quantity of gasoline. The player's automobile can be wrecked and replaced an unlimited number of times; the game finishes when both the main and reserve fuel tanks are depleted.

The player may continue as many times as they like throughout the first 49 rallies, but only has one chance to play the final one. Completing this rally delivers a million point bonus and concludes the game.

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