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Shanghai II: Dragons Eye (SEGA GENESIS) Board game 1994

Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye (not to be confused with Shanghai II, a Sega Game Gear game) is a sequel to Shanghai and a Sega Mega Drive mahjong puzzle game.


Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye is a game in which one player constructs a dragon-shaped pile of tiles while the other player attempts to destroy the dragon by eliminating similar tiles.


Activision first commissioned Japanese developer Home Data to create a Sega Mega Drive version of the game, which was published in Japan as Dragon's Eye Plus: Shanghai III. Activision, however, was dissatisfied with this version of the game, and instead of publishing it overseas or updating it for a Western release, they commissioned a brand-new Mega Drive port to an American freelance developer, Brian Rice, and released this new port in 1994. This Mega Drive version was only available in North America before being published on the European Virtual Console.


Alan Emrich, writing for Computer Gaming World, noted that "The gamers are lucky that the task is over, and they can now rest and enjoy playing Shanghai II solo or with a friend. Despite certain shortcomings in implementation, the principles of breadth and grandeur that gave birth to Shanghai II deserve the greatest commendation. Congratulations, Activision. Excellent work."

Amaya Lopez of Zero rated the game 83 and stated that Shanghai II provides nothing rivetingly fresh, but if you like puzzle games (especially of the oriental variety), you'll enjoy this one.

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