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Disney's TaleSpin (SEGA GENESIS) Platform 1992

TaleSpin is a Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx-16, and Game Gear video game. It is based on the same-named Disney cartoon series. Sega launched the game in 1992 for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and 1993 for the Sega Game Gear. In 1991, NEC created their own game for the TurboGrafx-16 system.


Baloo and Kit are still employed at Higher for Hire by Rebecca Cunningham. She checks in the newspaper and sees that the Mayor has announced a flying contest with a lifetime job contract at Cape Suzette as the winner. She reveals it to the others, who decide to participate. Shere Khan of Khan Industries, on the other hand, has expressed interest in the competition. Higher for Hire and Khan Industries have been picked for the competition, with Shere Khan's firm going first. They completed their run successfully, leaving Higher for Hire with only seven days to win. Baloo and Kit must now gather 10 crates of Cargo from 8 different countries while dodging Shere Khan's henchmen and Don Karnage's air raid raids.


The game might be played by one or two people. In single player mode, you could play as either Baloo or Kit, however in two player mode, the first player was Baloo and the second was Kit.

Each character had his or her own method of defense; Baloo had a paddle ball with a little range, while Kit had a slingshot with a great range.

It was divided into several stages, each with three alternative versions:

Stroll through each stage, collecting 10 or more boxes of freight to unlock the main exit.
Airport: The Boss stages, where you will face off against Don Karnage and his Air Pirate troops.
Air Battle: You take to the skies with Baloo attacking from the Sea Duck or Kit launching his catapult from his airfoil.

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