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Theme Park (SEGA GENESIS) Simulation 1995

Theme Park (テーマパーク) is a management simulator created by Bullfrog Productions and released in 1994 by Electronic Arts. The next year, it was released on a variety of platforms, including the Sega Mega Drive, Sega Mega-CD, and Sega Saturn.

From a Sega standpoint, the game is fascinating since it was officially published twice on the Saturn in Japan, once as standard Theme Park, as seen above, and once as Shin Theme Park, a localised edition. The game was originally intended to be played with a mouse, however none of the Sega versions are compatible with their respective mouse add-ons, whether the Sega Mouse or the Shuttle Mouse.

Version for the Mega Drive:

The Mega Drive version of Theme Park differs from the IBM PC original, owing to cartridge capacity constraints as well as a desire to simplify and speed up gameplay. For the latter reason, low-level management activities such as purchasing shares in competing parks and ordering replacement stock for shops were omitted. Furthermore, the user no longer needs to designate patrol zones for employees, since a new AI routine causes them to aggressively search for damaged rides or trash. Rides are also more durable, with a lower likelihood of exploding and destroying areas of the park.

Many of the samples were removed, but around 300kB of the ROM is still dedicated to sound. The Mega Drive port adds another ride, increasing the total to 27. Games cannot be stored on the Mega Drive version, thus if the console is switched off or reset, all progress is lost.

To conserve space in the Mega Drive version, most of the in-game visuals were drawn "flat," moving pixels at runtime to provide the appearance of an oblique camera angle. The snow and desert levels, which were not visible in the computer versions, were made by modifying the grass colour. In addition, rather of being a constant element of the HUD, the advisor only displays when needed.

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