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Trouble Shooter (SEGA GENESIS) Shoot 'em up 1991

Trouble Shooter, known in Japan as Battle Mania (バトルマニア), is a 1991 scrolling shooter developed and published by Vic Tokai for the Mega Drive/Genesis. Between the opponents, scenario, and language, the game was given a distinct tone of self-parody. In Japan and Korea, a sequel titled Battle Mania Daiginj ( ) was also published for the Mega Drive.


The game stars Madison (Mania in Japan) and Crystal (Maria in Japan) as they set out to rescue Prince Eldon, who has been abducted by the evil group Black Ball.

Madison is the more lighthearted of the two, while Crystal is the more serious.

The game features a comic tone, with fourth wall jokes including a credit roll interruption and the villain mentioning how many levels they've battled each other on.


Despite the fact that there are two characters, the player really plays as both Madison and Crystal at the same time throughout the bulk of the levels, however because the player controls Madison the most of the time, Crystal does not receive damage from enemy fire. There are moments when only Madison is playable, or when the player controls Madison, Crystal, and the Prince all at once, with Crystal following Madison's movement back to back and the Prince traveling in the opposite direction the sisters do.

At the start, the player is offered to select one of many engines or power boosters, each of which provides different ammo to the females. The player is then plunged into the side scrolling shoot 'em up action.

Madison and Crystal are flying because they have rocket boosters attached to their backs. The player must direct them across the level while dodging hostile missiles and firing their own. When shot at, the girl's shots can neutralize hostile fire. Crystal will cover the back, while Madison will photograph from the front. Crystal may be rotated to deliver double the firepower in one direction.

Like many shoot 'em ups, the girls can upgrade their arsenal with a variety of unique weapons such as giant laser beams that shoot vertically down, additional blaster drones to give them extra firepower, gigantic energy projectiles that rotate around the two of them, and lightning bolts that rain down on enemies.


Madison and Crystal/Mania and Maria both appear in Segagaga as part of Dogma's ultimate stand.
Dirty Pair had a big effect on the game.

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