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Virtual Pinball (SEGA GENESIS) Pinball 1993

BudgeCo's Virtual Pinball is a pinball game published by Electronic Arts. It is a spiritual sequel to the 1983 computer program Pinball Construction Set, which was also designed and programmed by Bill Budge.


Virtual Pinball is a pinball table creation toolbox that allows users to build pinball tables from a library of items, customize aesthetics and music, and alter speed settings. The table can then be tested by up to four players in tournament mode, stored or retrieved into memory, or further altered.

During games, A plunges the ball, the D-pad engages any left flippers, and C activates any right flippers, but tables without plungers or flippers can be built. B nudges the table in a random direction (which is necessary if the ball becomes stuck), but tilting is not feasible. If the ball falls below the playfield, it is considered to have drained.

Virtual Pinball includes 22 pre-made tables as well as 10 spaces for saving your own. Codes can also be used to load tables.


Tables are built by selecting workshop, where you may either modify a current table in the game or create a new one. The d-pad is moved here, A picks a part type from the list, B cycles amongst parts of the same kind, and C puts the part. When the "Blaster" option is selected, press C to eliminate an item from the table, and when the "Grabber" option is selected, press C to pick up an object (to move it). Press START to bring up a menu where you may save the table in one of ten different save places.

Tables can be no more than 512x512 pixels in size (albeit oddly, only 511x511 of the map is shown on-screen), and they can only have 256 "parts." Score values for striking pieces are similarly unchangeable, and there are no sophisticated gaming options found in genuine pinball machines of the era.

There are only six component themes, twelve backdrops, and eight music choices (including "no music") available, and the user cannot create their own.

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