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Wheel of Fortune (SEGA GENESIS) Board game 1992


Wheel of Fortune is a video game adaptation of the game show of the same name that was released by GameTek on a variety of platforms, including the Sega Mega Drive and Sega Game Gear. The game may be played by up to three people, with Vanna White (not Pat Sajak) serving as both host and letter turner.

European releases were intended after their US equivalents but did not materialize due to development in the United Kingdom. This has the unintended consequence of having terms and phrases written in British English rather than American English in-game, such as using "jewellery" rather than "jewelry," despite the game being aimed at an American audience.

Two years later, Gametek planned to produce a Saturn version, but it was canceled.


There are only three competitors, as in the game show, and the player has the ability to adjust the number of people or computer opponents during game setup.


The magazine Mega rated the Super NES and Genesis versions a score of 22%, claiming that there was "no difficulty".

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