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World Heroes (SEGA GENESIS) Fighting 1994

World Heroes is a fighting arcade game released in 1992 by Alpha Denshi (later known as ADK) with support from SNK. On July 28, 1992, it was launched for the Neo Geo MVS arcade cabinet. It is ADK's debut game in the fighting game genre, as well as their first foray into the '90s fighting game trend popularized by Capcom's 1991 arcade blockbuster Street Fighter II. It was even the last game to have the "Alpha" emblem identified within the game before the creator changed its name to "ADK"; nonetheless, the "Alpha" logo was last seen on one of the arcade flyers for its sequel.

How to play:

There are 8 playable characters in the roster and 2 different game methods for players to choose from: "Common Play" and "Deathmatch". In "Usual Game", players have to defeat the other 7 playable characters in a random order, followed by a contest against the final leader Geegus (misspelled as "Gee Gus" in English localized variants), all using the chosen character. If the player defeats an antagonist, the player moves on to the next antagonist. After the third fight, the player has a bonus round to carve a rock block into a statue in 10 seconds with repeated hits. After the sixth fight, the player has another bonus round to break the falling pots within 10 seconds before they hit the ground.

"Death Match" acts like the common mode with a difference. Players will fight in a ring with environmental hazards such as electrical barriers, spiked walls, puddles of oil, and others that players have to avoid as they fight. Also, unlike the regular game where battles take place in various locations, each of the deathmatch battles take place in a boxing-style enclosed arena environment and take place before a live audience.


Dr. Sugar Brown, a well-known and famous scientist, is desperate to discover out who the greatest fighter in history is and has gone to tremendous measures to ultimately acquire the answer to his own inquiry in the far future. Dr. Brown has brought together several of the world's most powerful super heroes from each century so that they can all compete and take part in a one-on-one fighting/death-match tournament that Dr. Brown has organized, with the tournament itself being used to determine who the strongest fighter of history is. Dr. Brown and the other combatants have no idea that an unknown menace is discreetly observing them as the tournament progresses, and that this unknown threat might potentially jeopardize them and the rest of the globe.

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