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Worms (SEGA GENESIS) Strategy 1995

Worms ((ワームス) is a turn-based strategy game created by Team 17 and released by Ocean Software in 1995 for the Amiga. It is the first in a lengthy series of Worms games, and it has been ported to a number of systems, including the Sega Mega Drive and Sega Saturn.


The player controls a squad of worms equipped with a range of various weaponry, with the goal of eliminating all opposing worms on a 2D playfield. Worms was groundbreaking at the time since it used randomly generated and totally destructible environments; for example, an explosion will create a circular hole, restricting the area worms may stand on and perhaps necessitating a different approach.

The game, which is a turn-based strategy game, enables up to 16 players to manage units (though there is only ever a maximum of four teams).

While the gameplay is mostly the same across the Mega Drive and Saturn versions of Worms, the Saturn version has a variety of graphical enhancements as well as an in-game music. Some weapons are also absent from the Mega Drive version.


Sega Power scores 78/100. (SMD)

Worms was a commercial hit. Following its debut in November 1995, it had sold about 250,000 copies by March 1996. By 2006, the game had sold over 5 million units across all of its ports.

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