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XDR - X-Dazedly-Ray (SEGA GENESIS) Shoot 'em up 1990

XDR (エックス・ディー・アール) (X-Dazedly-Ray) is a horizontal shoot-'em-up created by Affect and released by UNIPACC for the Sega Mega Drive. The game, which was published solely in Japan in August 1990, is notorious for being one of the worst-received Mega Drive games ever, and was consistently named the system's worst Japanese-developed game by Beep! MegaDrive magazine readers.


An ancient evil has returned on the terrestrial planet Sephiroth, which is home to a variety of peaceful and successful sophisticated societies. A warmonger known only as Guardia was expelled from the planet a long time ago, but has now returned with a full space military. With its long-hardened space technology, the Guardia Military quickly invades Sephiroth and defeats its defenses. After a short period of time, a space fighter capable of matching the Guardia Military's might was built. The ship was called the "XDR," or "X-Dazedly-Ray," for Guardia's mysterious hunger for devastation and its own strength.


The titular ship is piloted through six separate checkpoint-heavy levels, blasting numerous ground and aerial forces. Instead of bombs, the ship is equipped with a range of various shoots and smaller explosives. Power ups such as various fire guns, ground-force bombs, a shield, and Options may be collected by players and upgraded to three levels. Gamers can also alter the ship's speed by selecting one of four options. Several of the end-level enemies, like Gradius, need timed shots in exact hit points.

From item pick-ups, the XDR may utilize three distinct weapons: its basic upgradable shot, missile pick-ups, and Options. The Broad Beam/Vulcan shot, Laser, and Wave Shot can all be collected by the ship. After completely updated, the missile pick-ups shoot as ground force bombs in four directions. The ship's Options power up in an unusual way, with the first picked Option encircling the ship, but the second and third power-ups causing the Option to follow the ship from behind rather than around it, as well as multiplying. In addition, the ship can gather goods such as a temporary shield and 1 Up icons.


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