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Zan Yasha Enbukyoku (SEGA GENESIS) Strategy 1991

Zan: Yasha Enbukyoku (斬 夜叉円舞曲) is a Wolf Team strategy video game released in 1991. It is set in feudal Japan and follows yaksha warriors as they battle demons. Troops must be deployed for both defense and offense.

Zan: Yasha Enbukyoku is a feudal Japan-themed turn-based strategy game.

"The game's events are set against the continuous conflict between noble warriors known as yasha and demons. The "middle people," or other Japanese generals and rulers, stand between the two. The player can choose to play as Yasha, the demonic army, or the "middle" army.

"The player needs to manage his army, sending soldiers for defence and assault, as well as negotiating with other monarchs. Earthquakes, epidemics, and other natural disasters occur at random. Diplomacy does not always work, therefore fights with other forces take up a substantial chunk of the game. Battles are comparable to those of turn-based RPGs (albeit there are no RPG components in the game): the player selects orders from a menu, such as attack, use magic, apply a special technique, utilize a fighting formation, and so on. Throughout the conflicts, there is no active movement. The battle's fate is determined by the orders chosen as well as the power of the units."

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