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Zoom! (SEGA GENESIS) Puzzle 1990


Zoom! is a puzzle game released in 1988 by Discovery Software. It has a 3D-like board on which the player moves. Up to two players can play at the same time. Sega produced a version for the Genesis in 1990.


Space Phantoms have used magical forcefields to seize Earth. Mr. Smart, a rabbit-like creature, is Earth's only hope for survival. In order to save the Earth, Mr. Smart must travel from shield to shield while outrunning the Space Phantoms.


The game is organized into numerous stages, each with several levels. Each level's purpose is to surround each tile with lines such that they all flash. You're on the gridlines that connect each tile; moving around them paints a line around them. A and C leap. B kicks back, knocking away attackers. A single strike from an adversary takes a life. Fruit (for points), sunflowers (temporary invincibility; collecting one when invincible has no effect), and feathers (prematurely complete the level) arrive at irregular intervals. Each level has a time restriction to fulfill, although running out of time appears to have no effect on gameplay. 

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