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Mega Man - The Wily Wars (SEGA GENESIS) Platform 1994

Mega Man: The Wily Battles, also known as Rockman Mega World (ロックマンメガワールド) in Japan, is a Sega Mega Drive compilation published in 1994 by Capcom.

It includes updated versions of the first three Mega Man (Rockman) games, Mega Man, Mega Man 2, and Mega Man 3, which were originally released in 1987, 1988, and 1990 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, respectively. Additionally included is a series of Mega Drive-exclusive extra stages known as "Wily Tower," which can be unlocked after completing all three games.

It was launched as a Sega Channel exclusive in the United States, while the box art for a potential cartridge release has since been discovered. The box has an uncommon (for the Mega Man series) MA-13 classification, which is most likely an oversight because the Sega Channel version was rated GA instead. The game was reportedly placed on indefinite hold in the United States owing to "graphic difficulties," however it was officially published in the nation in September 2019 with the launching of the Mega Drive Mini. The physical version of this game was ultimately published officially in the United States as a collector's edition in December 2021, courtesy of publisher Retro-Bit.


The bad Dr. Wily has gone back in time to beat the robotic hero Mega Man in one of their first three battles.

Mega Man must utilize all he has learned to fight Dr. Wily in the Wily Tower after completing his time journeys.


The game is an action platformer in which the goal is to explore a stage while defeating adversaries along the way and defeating the Robot Master at the finish. Because each Robot Master is vulnerable to some weapons and immune to others, the sequence in which the levels are completed determines the game's difficulty. Mega Man moves using Left and Right, leaps with C and gets higher the longer the button is held down, and attacks with B. His main weapon is an arm-mounted Mega Buster that fires energy pellets. He cannot duck, although in Mega Man 3 and Wily Tower, he may slide along the ground with Down+2 to avoid foes or squeeze through small tunnels. The player can change the current weapon by pressing A or START.
Mega Man's health is displayed via a gauge in the bottom right corner of the screen, and he loses health when he is hit by an adversary. He loses a life if he loses all of his health, and the game finishes. Other than the Mega Buster, all weapons require energy to use, which is recharged by item pick-ups dropped by destroyed adversaries. Except for the Wily stages, when the player must carefully manage Mega Man's health and weapon energy, Mega Man's health and weapon energy are generally regenerated at the start of each stage. Wily Tower only contains three Robot Masters, none of them provide the player with a weapon, and four Wily levels.

At the start of each stage in the Wily Tower, the player choose any combination of weapons and goods from the three original games to equip. The Robot Masters in Wily Tower are based on characters from the Chinese epic Journey to the West, with Buster Rod G based on Sun Wukong, Hyper Storm H based on Zhu Bajie, and Mega Water S based on Sha Wujing.


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