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DOOM (Sega 32X) Shooter 1994

Doom (ドゥーム) is a DOS-based IBM PC compatible first-person shooter created by id Software and published on December 10, 1993. Later, it was ported to a variety of systems, including the Sega 32X. (as a launch title). It is largely regarded as one among the games that pioneered and popularized the first-person shooter genre, and it continues to have a big and devoted audience to this day.


The game is played via the main character's eyes. The player moves through the level, collecting guns, ammo, powerups, and other stuff. Some doors are secured with a red, blue, or yellow keycard found around the level. The player eventually finds the exit and advances to the next level. Every now and then, a boss appears, and beating the boss finishes the level.

Elevators, toxic pits, monster closets, and secret chambers are common gimmicks and traps used to make levels more diverse.


The player assumes the position of a marine (unnamed to further symbolize the player), "one of Earth's strongest, hardened in war and prepared for action," who has been imprisoned on Mars for attacking a senior commander when ordered to fire on people. He works with the Union Aerospace Company (UAC), a multi-planetary conglomerate and military contractor conducting covert interdimensional travel experiments. The teleportation has recently revealed hints of abnormalities and instability, but study continues.

Something goes awry, and beings from Hell burst through the teleportation gates on Deimos and Phobos. Base security's defensive response fails to stop the invasion, and the bases are rapidly overrun by monsters; all staff are slaughtered or converted into zombies. 

A Martian military team arrives on Phobos to investigate the tragedy. Once the assault force and their heavy weaponry are carried inside, the player is entrusted with protecting the perimeter. As radio communication is lost, the player finds he is the sole survivor. Because he is unable to drive the shuttle off of Phobos by himself (perhaps due to shuttle damage upon landing), the only option to escape is to go inside and battle through the moon base's complexes.


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