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A Dinosaur's Tale (SEGA GENESIS) Action 1993

A Dinosaur's Tale is a Sega Mega Drive platformer released in 1994 by Funcom and distributed by Hi-Tech Entertainment, based on the 1993 film We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story.

The game was only available in the United States. It has nothing to do with the Super NES and Game Boy games based on the film (which are also titled after the film).


Captain Neweyes, an inventor, has traveled back in time to bring four dinosaurs from the Jurassic period to modern New York City so that they might be displayed in the Museum of Natural History for children to view. Professor Screweyes, Neweyes' brother, is attempting to catch the dinosaurs for his own Eccentric Circus. Two youngsters, an orphan boy named Louie and an upper-class girl named Cecilia, discover the dinosaurs and resolve to assist them in finding the museum.


The game is a side-scrolling platformer in which the player controls one of the two young protagonists, Louie or Cecilia. The children walk with their left or right foot, duck with their down foot, and jump with their right foot. They can run by holding A if they obtain the Red Sneakers item. They can throw boomerangs with C if they discover a Boomerang item. A Blue Sneakers item that enhances their leap height is also available. Item effects remain until the player dies. They use Up or Down to ascend ladders (after jumping on them).

Jumping on enemies or tossing boomerangs at them defeats them. Defeated foes drop bubbles, which may be collected and used to purchase things. During gameplay, the player may access the Wishing Circle by stopping the game and pressing START, which is a spinning wheel of objects that can be purchased with bubbles.

Some stages are played in 3D as one of the dinosaurs, who must avoid obstacles and gather bubbles. The stages automatically advance, and the D-Pad propels the dinosaur in any direction. For the flying stages, the vertical controls are inverted, like in a flight simulator (though this may be altered in the settings).

The kids each have three hit points, which are represented by red hats for Louie and blue bows for Cecilia. They lose a life the following time they receive harm if they lose all of their hit points. Long falls and spikes may take a life in an instant. If the player runs out of life, the game ends, but there are limitless retries. There are three levels of difficulty (Easy, Normal, and Hard).



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