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AWS Pro Moves Soccer (SEGA GENESIS) Sport 1993

Pro Moves Soccer is a Sega Genesis soccer video game created by Danish firms BGS Developments and ZAT Productions and distributed in North America by ASCII Entertainment. The game, which was based on the fictional Asciiware World Sports league, was launched in 1993.


The game itself has international level soccer matchups and adjustable parameters that allow for games ranging from the duration of a childhood soccer game (3 minute halves) to the length of a FIFA soccer match (45 minute halves). Players may create their own soccer teams as long as they remember the complex passwords. The announcer describes the action with short words and phrases (for example, kick-off, yellow card, red card, penalty shoot, head shot, header, rainbow kick).

Players can choose between exhibition, World Cup, practice, and the Eight Nations tournament (in which eight nations fight for the championship, resulting in shorter gameplay). This game is medium in difficulty and can be mastered with repeated play. Teams are free to withdraw from either event at any moment without penalty. Each squad is made up of fictitious players (from Argentina to Jamaica and Russia).

On the choice screen, you may activate various weather conditions, such as sunny days, cloudy days, rainy days, and snowy days. Fouls can be disabled, allowing less experienced players to tackle opponents without fear of receiving a yellow or red card. As a result of harsh play, injuries might occur in the game. Being tackled an excessive number of times might potentially result in injury. If an injured player is not replaced, he loses his powers for the rest of the game.

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