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Advanced Busterhawk Gleylancer (SEGA GENESIS) Shoot 'em up 1992

Busterhawk Elite Gley Lancer, sometimes known as Gleylancer (グレイランサー), is a Sega Mega Drive shoot-'em-up game created by NCS and released by Masaya. Originally launched in Japan in July 1992, it was later transferred to the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console by developer M2 in 2008, and publisher Columbus Circle reprinted it in June 2019.

The term "Gley Lancer" is a misspelling of "grey lancer." 


Lucia (ルーシア) is the 16-year-old daughter of a fighter pilot who goes missing in 2025 while waging a battle between humans and aliens. He was apprehended by aliens with the capacity to teleport, whom he had previously apprehended. To save him, Lucia commandeers the prototype fighter CSH-01-XA "Gley Lancer" (グレイランサー).


The game is a side-scroller shooter. The Gley Lancer is a self-contained ship that can be moved in any direction using the D-Pad. It may alter its speed by pressing A. It fires straight ahead with B, which may be held down to fire in quick succession.

It is possible to acquire and attach up to two Gunner (ガンナー) sub-ships to the main ship. They are unaffected by damage and may shoot in any direction with the main ship. Before beginning a game, the player is given the option of maneuvering Gunners about the ship and aiming them:

    Normally, the gunners face the same direction as the ship. While C is kept down, the Gunners' facing is locked regardless of how the ship moves.
    Reverse: Same as Normal, only the Gunners face the opposite direction the ship is moving.
    The Gunners will automatically aim at the nearest adversary. By pressing C, you may switch between Gunners who are shooting at the same or other targets.
    Multi: Each Gunner may only fire from the ship's top or bottom 180-degree arc. The Gunners swivel in the direction of horizontal motion. Although this limits focused fire except in the horizontals, it does allow for three-way firing. Holding C or moving simply vertically keeps the Gunners aimed in the same directions.
    Multi-R: Similar to Multi, except the Gunners swivel in the opposite direction of the ship's horizontal motion.
    Shadow: The Gunners copy every movement of the ship, trailing close behind. They can, however, only shoot forward. Holding C fixes their relative placements to the ship.
    Roll: The Gunners alternately revolve around the ship at 180 degrees. They normally shoot away from each other, resulting in a spiral firing pattern. By pressing C, you may switch between this and the Gunners both shooting forward.

Special goods that alter the armaments of both Gunners can be found by the player. The Gley Lancer always carries the same basic weapon.

If the Gley Lancer is damaged by an adversary, it is destroyed. It respawns at a specified checkpoint with one life and no Gunners. If the player runs out of life, the game is over. 


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