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Atomic Robo-Kid (SEGA GENESIS) Shoot 'em up 1990

Atomic Robo-Kid (アトミック・ロボキッド) is a horizontally scrolling shooter launched by UPL in arcades in 1988. Nikom published the game in the United States. The PC Engine version, Atomic Robo-Kid Special, is an adaptation of the arcade original.


A cosmic radiation blast blasted Terra-12, Earth's deep-space colony, in the twenty-first century, horrifyingly altering all transplanted life. Following the radiation wave, a fleet of feral aliens attacked the planet and began the methodical annihilation of all surviving sentient life. Years of fighting against the alien 'governors' have passed, and only one chance remains to revenge the desperate terran colonists.


The player controls the titular character through six stages of increasing difficulty, facing an alien "governor" boss at the end of each level (which is so large that some of the bosses take up several screens), followed by a "duel" level against other Robo-Kid sized robots. Many levels branch into others, allowing the player to choose which zone to explore next and therefore enhancing replayability.

In addition to his basic gun, Robo-Kid may gather four additional weapons (whatever weapon is picked is discarded when Robo-Kid loses a life), as well as powerups like a shield that activates on opponent contact, as well as fast fire and speed powerups. The player may also come across a nice dinosaur-like robot that offers weapons and shields to Robo-kid in exchange for additional lives.


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