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Ball Jacks (SEGA GENESIS) Sport 1993

Ball Jacks (ボールジャックス) is a Sega Mega Drive game published only in Japan and Europe by Namco in 1993. It's a "sports game" in which you pluck balls from a conveyor belt at one end of the screen and dump them into another. It is still uncertain whether or not this is a renamed port of another game.


This video game is a future action game that features a highly competitive athletic event. Two robot crabs are controlled by males who are just interested in becoming wealthy and famous. Behind them is a conveyor belt spewing metal balls towards them. The aim is to collect the opponent's balls and hold them from him until time runs out. Balls can also be knocked out of the opponent's mechanical hands. All broken crabs must return to the pit area for immediate maintenance and repair.

There are various options to choose from, including a world championship against more difficult opponents, a multiplayer vs game, a training mode, and a time trial where the only opponent is the clock.


Andy Dyer, a gaming critic, panned the game's visuals, sound, gameplay, and size.  

Ball Jacks is an arcade game that was never launched in the arcades and has few features. It was created by six Namco employees, but it's worth it if you want to play it with a friend. It may, however, operate as a mobile phone game today with rudimentary controls.

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