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Batman - Revenge of the Joker (SEGA GENESIS) Action 1992

Batman: Revenge of The Joker is a Sega Mega Drive Batman game developed by Ringler Studios and distributed by Sunsoft. Despite the fact that it is released by Sunsoft, it is not a sequel to Sunsoft's earlier Mega Drive game Batman, but rather an entirely new game based on the comic books.

This version of Revenge of the Joker was only available in the United States. 


vigilante in disguise Gotham City has asked Batman to retrieve metals stolen by his arch-nemesis, the Joker, one of which is very poisonous and used to make missile bombs. Batman must travel to the Island of Ha-Hacienda, the Joker's hidden hideout.


It's a side-scrolling platformer. Batman walks with his left and right hands and ducks with his down. He leaps with C and gets higher as the button is kept down. He kicks with C and may kick while walking by pressing Left+C or Right+C, or in the air by pressing Up+C or B+C. With Down+C, he can slide on the ground. Batman has a wrist projector that he can fire when standing with A or crouching with Down+A. The player may alter the type of ammo by collecting symbols as they progress through the stages. By holding A, all weapons save the beginning weapon can be charged for a special secondary effect. Batman may also gather energy capsules, which, if eight of them are collected, can render him indestructible for a few seconds with A+B+C.

The health of Batman is shown via bars in the bottom right corner of the screen. When he is damaged by foes or dangers, he loses health. His health is carried over to the next level, and there is no way for him to refill it. If he loses all of his health, he loses a life and must continue the level with the default weapon. Some dangers, such as pits or spikes, will kill Batman regardless of how much health he has left. The game ends when the player runs out of lives, however it may be resumed from the beginning of the current level. The game employs a password system for progress; the player may examine the current passcode by stopping the game and pressing START.

Boss battles have their own life meter, which is represented by numbers. The boss has a similar meter and is defeated when it runs out. 


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