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Batman Forever (SEGA GENESIS) Beat 'em up 1995

Batman Forever (バットマン フォーエヴァー) is a beat-'em-up game for the Sega Mega Drive created by Probe Entertainment and Black Team. Based on the June 1995 film Batman Forever, it was released in the United States in September 1995, followed by Europe, Japan, Australia, and Brazil in the months that followed. Batman Forever is notable for being heavily influenced by the developer's earlier Mortal Kombat home ports, with digitized character graphics and a nearly identical control layout.


Batman, rich philanthropist Bruce Wayne's vigilante alter-ego, must defend Gotham City from the heinous combo of Two-Face and the Riddler. Two-Face is the former Gotham District Attorney Harvey Dent, who was scarred by Batman during a courtroom confrontation. The Riddler is Edward Nygma, a dissatisfied Wayne Tech employee who is upset because Bruce Wayne rejected his invention, a gadget that shoots television signals straight into people's brains. Dick Grayson, a young circus acrobat whose parents were murdered by Two-Face, joins Batman and assumes the moniker Robin.


Normal mode is a side-scrolling beat-'em-up with controls reminiscent of a one-on-one fighting game. It may be played with a single player, who can choose to play as Batman or Robin, or with two players, one of them is Batman and the other is Robin. Two-player games can be played amicably, in which players cannot hurt each other and share credits, or competitively, in which Batman and Robin can attack each other while having separate credits. Players and foes both have health bars that are drained when they are defeated. Players begin each level with the same amount of health that they had at the end of the previous level, although health may be regenerated by locating objects. If a player runs out of lives (or the game ends if no more credits are available), they lose a credit. Attacks may be blocked or dodged, and most enemies have their own unique attacks. Friendly fire can be used by enemies to hurt each other. Before routes may be unlocked, levels frequently require the player to vanquish all of the opponents in an area. Levels also have secret regions that may be accessed by exploring and using objects.

Characters walk with their left and right feet and squat with their down. They jump with Up and somersault with either Up-left or Up-right. By hitting Up while in mid-air, they may glide with their capes, slowing their drop. Unless they are battling an adversary, they generally turn around by pushing in the opposite direction twice. They can roll by pressing RightRightA (or LeftLeftA if facing to the left), which allows them to reposition and sweep adversaries. C+Down allows you to leap down to a lower level by jumping from platforms.

The attack controls are similar to those seen in Mortal Kombat. With a Six Button Control Pad, X represents high punch, A represents low punch, Z represents high kick, and C represents low kick. Down+A or Down+X executes an uppercut, Down+C executes a sweep kick, and Right+Z (or Left+Z if facing left) executes a roundhouse kick. B blocks can be performed while squatting. Blocked attacks continue to do little damage. For conducting back attacks (attacking an opponent behind the character while engaged with another adversary in front of him), there are two control techniques available before starting the game. The primary and most common strategy is just pressing away and attacking. The second way entails holding down the MODE button while striking.

A is low punch, Right+A (or Left+A if facing left), B is low kick, and C is high kick on the normal control pad. Down+A executes uppercuts, Down+B a sweep kick, and Right+C (or Left+C if facing left) a roundhouse.  START stops the game (and START +A pauses it).

Characters may also close-range grab adversaries by pressing RightRightB (or LeftLeftB depending on the enemy's orientation). Once an opponent has been seized, they may be flung by hitting the away button. Some foes are capable of blocking grabs.

Each character has five "gadgets," or unique powers that may be used by hitting specific button combinations. The player chooses the gadget list at each level, with three standard devices for each character and two gadgets chosen from two distinct lists. There are additionally four "blueprint" devices scattered throughout the game. Gadgets have an infinite supply and may be used as frequently as needed.

There is also a fighting game option dubbed "training mode" in which the player may play as Batman, Robin, or several of the game's foes against a computer-controlled opponent, a second player, or collaboratively versus two computer opponents. As in the standard game, Batman and Robin select their gadgets before beginning a round, but the other characters each have their own set of special moves.


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