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Batman: The Video Game (SEGA GENESIS) Platform 1990

Batman: The Video Game is an action video game for the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive developed by Sunsoft and released in Japan in 1990. When Sunsoft's and other companies' exclusivity contract with Nintendo of America expired in 1991, the game was released in North America for the SEGA Genesis, and one year later, in 1992, the game was released and published by SEGA in Europe. The game is based on Tim Burton's 1989 film.

Despite some resemblance to Sunsoft's NES game of the same name, the game features totally different characters, level design, and gameplay. 


Is a platformer with a side-scrolling gameplay. Unlike the NES version, Batman does not wall jump; instead, he has a double jump ability reminiscent of the double jump in SEGA's franchise "Shinobi." Batman also has weapons in the film that he uses, such as the Batarang to attack enemies from afar and the Batrope to climb platforms at great heights.


    Gotham City Street: On a wet night in Gotham, Batman battles his way through a swarm of henchmen and a thief wearing boxing gloves.
    Axis Chemical Factory: Batman infiltrates the Axis Chemicals Factory, defeating Jack Napier's thugs before throwing Napier into a vat of chemicals, changing him into the Joker.
Flugelheim Museum: Batman confronts the Joker's henchmen and a henchman with a sword on his journey through the museum to save Vicki Vale, and subsequently fights the enormous, boombox-wielding henchman, Lawrence.
Gotham City Street, often known as "The Batmobile Stage," is where Batman and Vicki Vale escape and smash the Joker's automobiles, trucks, and tanks. After destroying the Joker's most powerful tank, Batman must battle the Joker's goons disguised as mimes, as well as the Swordsman. Joker Goon In The Sky Over Gotham City: Also known as "The Batwing Stage," Batman must fire the Joker's helicopters and the parade balloons, which are inflated with Smilex gas, in order to defend Gotham City and destroy the Joker's most powerful helicopter.
Gotham Cathedral: Inside the city's gigantic cathedral, Batman must combat the Joker's minions and have a Boss-Rush. The second location requires Batman to climb the Bell Tower in order to reach the belfry and face the Joker.


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