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Battle Mania 2 - TS Vintage (SEGA GENESIS) Shoot 'em up 1993

Battle Mania Daiginjou (バトルマニア大吟醸), sometimes known as Battle Mania 2, is a shoot-'em-up developed and released by VIC Tokai in 1993 for the Sega Mega Drive in Japan and South Korea. It is the sequel to Battle Mania (known as Trouble Shooter in the United States).

Trouble Shooter Vintage is another name for the game that appears in the ROM header's foreign title field. If the game had been distributed in other countries, this may have been the planned title. "Vintage" refers to wine in the same way that "daiginjou" refers to sake. 


" Trouble Shooters...

Dedicated hunters at heart...

We don't sleep.
Please contact us at any time.
Yes, we are open 24 hours a day!

Morgstein (モルグスティン), the original game's adversary, has been revived by the assassin cult Kikokukyou. He wishes to implant Mania's battle-weary psyche into the Kikoku Tank's computer. Mania Ohtorii (大鳥居マニア) and Maria Haneda (羽田マリア) of the Trouble Shooters must stop him and eliminate Kikokukyou (鬼哭教) and its mystery boss Kikokusai (キコクサイ).


The game is a side-scrolling shooter in which Mania and Maria use jetpacks to fly. Mania is controlled by the player, who may maneuver her in any direction by using the D-Pad. They may use their own weaponry to deflect hostile projectiles. There are three control systems available: one-way, two-way, and eight-way. While firing, Mania may aim by pointing the D-Pad in any direction.

Maria and Mania remain unharmed, however if Mania dies, the game ends and the player must utilize a continue. Mania earns an additional health point for every 20,000 points gained and for discovering heart goods. The tale is told through cutscenes, and the tone is cheerful with self-referential comedy. A Score Attack mode adds more difficulties to conquer.

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