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Doom 32X Resurrection 2.2b (Sega 32X) Shooter 2022 Homebrew

Doom 32X: Resurrection, commonly known as Doom32XR and D32XR, is a source port based on the Atari Jaguar version of Doom created by the D32XR Team, which includes programmers Victor "Vic" Luchitz and Chilly Willy, tester Matteusbeus, and Spoony Bard's soundtrack. It is a Sega 32X video game system version of the original Jaguar Doom and Calico codebases. It seeks to improve the Sega 32X version by adding new features and improving the graphics by reverse-engineering 32X-specific code.

It won the Mordeth award for the longest development time at the 2021 Cacowards.

History of development:

Doom 32X Resurrection began in 2020, when one of the creators, Vic, contacted John Carmack on Twitter, asking whether he remembered where the source code for the Sega 32X port of Doom may reside. Carmack thought it was long gone. Despite not possessing a 32X at the time, Vic believed it would be a fun endeavor to reconstruct and improve on the lost source code.

The original Jaguar Doom sources, as provided by Songbird Productions, were used as a starting point to determine what was lacking in order to re-enable 32X functionality. Vic learned about the Calico project, which tries to transfer the Atari Jaguar version to the PC. Calico's code is mostly written in C, which aids in cross-platform development. The 32X-specific code had to be reverse-engineered, and the system had to be balanced between the two SH2 processors.

On October 17, 2021, the port's author, Vic, announced the formal release of version 1.0 on his ongoing development thread.



The game is played via the main character's eyes. The player moves through the level, collecting guns, ammo, powerups, and other stuff. Some doors are secured with a red, blue, or yellow keycard found around the level. The player eventually finds the exit and advances to the next level. Every now and then, a boss appears, and beating the boss finishes the level.

Elevators, toxic pits, monster closets, and secret chambers are common gimmicks and traps used to make levels more diverse.


The player assumes the position of a marine (unnamed to further symbolize the player), "one of Earth's strongest, hardened in war and prepared for action," who has been imprisoned on Mars for attacking a senior commander when ordered to fire on people. He works with the Union Aerospace Company (UAC), a multi-planetary conglomerate and military contractor conducting covert interdimensional travel experiments. The teleportation has recently revealed hints of abnormalities and instability, but study continues.

Something goes awry, and beings from Hell burst through the teleportation gates on Deimos and Phobos. Base security's defensive response fails to stop the invasion, and the bases are rapidly overrun by monsters; all staff are slaughtered or converted into zombies. 

A Martian military team arrives on Phobos to investigate the tragedy. Once the assault force and their heavy weaponry are carried inside, the player is entrusted with protecting the perimeter. As radio communication is lost, the player finds he is the sole survivor. Because he is unable to drive the shuttle off of Phobos by himself (perhaps due to shuttle damage upon landing), the only option to escape is to go inside and battle through the moon base's complexes.


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