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The Aquatic Games (SEGA GENESIS) Sport 1992

The Aquatic Games Starring James Pond and the Aquabats, also known as The Super Aquatic Games Starring the Aquabats on the SNES, is a sports video game released in 1992 by Millennium Interactive and developed by Vectordean.

It included pseudo-Olympic sports starring James Pond, a video game character best known for his side-scrolling platform games. It was the final Amiga A500 game to be released. Though the next game (James Pond 3: Operation Starfish) was also released for the Amiga, it was only compatible with the newer 32-bit Amigas (such as the A1200) that used the AGA chipset. 



An arcade sports game starring James Pond and the Aquabats is The Aquatic Games. The game is a water-themed spoof of Konami's Track & Field.

The title screen features the classical music composition Ode to Joy (from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony) and Schubert's fish ballad "Die Forelle" during specific circumstances. Richard Joseph created the rest of the music.


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GameZone83/100 (Mega Drive)

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