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Beauty and the Beast - Roar of the Beast (SEGA GENESIS) Action 1993

Beauty and the Beast: Roar of the Beast is a Sega Mega Drive game released only in the United States in 1993 by Sunsoft. It is related to the 1991 Disney picture Beauty and the Beast.

Sunsoft launched two Beauty and the Beast games at the same time, which was unusual. This one was geared toward guys, whereas Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Quest was geared at girls.


As a punishment for his arrogance, a prince was magically converted into a monster and his servants into household things. Maurice, the gorgeous bibliophile Belle's father, gets lost in the forest and finds up to the Beast's castle. The Beast kidnaps him, but Belle volunteers to stand in his place. Maurice organizes an attack on the Beast's castle with the help of the hunter Gaston and the villagers. The Beast must protect his castle and Belle, whose love has the power to break the curse and transform him and his servants back into humans.


The game is a platformer in which you play as the Beast. He can move with his left and right hands and jump with his right. He can crawl with Left and Right and then sink to a four-legged position with Down. He can use A to attack and B to roar. His roar temporarily stuns adversaries, but it may only be utilized three times every level. He can attack and yell even while crawling. He may also perform a pounce attack after jumping by pressing A.

Mirrors in the top-left corner of the screen indicate the Beast's health. He is harmed by dangerous beasts and other risks. He loses an attempt if he loses all of his health. If he falls into a bottomless abyss, he loses an attempt. If he fails all of his attempts, the game is over. His health is preserved from one level to the next.

Cutscenes are used to advance the plot between levels.


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