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Beyond Zero Tolerance (SEGA GENESIS) Shooter 1994 Unreleased

Beyond Zero Tolerance (aka Zero Tolerance 2) is a Sega Mega Drive videogame created by Technopop. It was supposed to be a follow-up to Zero Tolerance, but it was never completed.


Beyond Zero Tolerance is a Sega Mega Drive sequel to Zero Tolerance that was never released. It is a first-person shooter, like its predecessor, and one of the few available on the system.


Beyond Zero Tolerance's prototype (labeled "Build: 062395a", implying a build date of June 23, 1995) was provided as freeware by its inventor (as was Zero Tolerance). Beyeond Zero Tolerance, like its predecessor, was built with the Link-up cable in mind for its cooperative mode. It's largely the same game as Zero Tolerance, with new visuals, and it's far from finished. The prototype's soundtrack is entirely rehashed from the original game.


A Sega 32X port was planned in addition to the Mega Drive version.


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