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Bio-Hazard Battle (SEGA GENESIS) Shoot 'em up 1992

Bio-Hazard Battle, also known in Japan as Crying: Aseimei Sensou (クライング 亜生命戦争), is a Sega Mega Drive horizontal shoot-'em-up developed and released by Sega CS. The game, which was first launched in Japan in October 1992, is most recognized for its eerie organic aesthetics and odd music, and has established a small cult following due to its distinct tone.


G-Biowar I engulfed the planet Avaron (called as Avalon on the Japanese box, in a case of reverse Engrish), and a retrovirus was created to try to combat the enemy. Unfortunately, the plan backfires, rendering the planet nearly inhospitable to humankind, and the only survivors of the virus are sent to space in the O.P. Odysseus to wait for a time when the new species of creatures that survive or thrive on the virus pose little enough of a threat to establish a new colony.

When computer probes show that conditions on Avaron are no longer hostile but livable, the Odysseus sends out special craft known as Bioships, which are both machine and living being, to scout the least hostile areas of the planet and find a new home for the survivors.

The levels of the game depict the viral epidemic, for example, stage 2 is a decimated metropolis, while stage 7 looks to be the facility where the virus was created. Ray tracing was employed to produce several images in the game, according to the credits.


Pilots can choose from four Bioships. To shoot normal rounds, tap any button, hold A for rapid-fire normal shots, and hold/release B or C to charge up and fire a Plasma Wall. Each Bioship has an own Plasma Wall. The Power Star, a small spacecraft that revolves around the Bioship and shoots its own shots in rhythm with the Bioship, may also gather upgrades to its current armament and can be employed as a shield, absorbing hostile bullets before they impact the Bioship. In this game, touching the walls will not hurt the Bioship.

The game, like many shoot-'em-ups, may be played single or cooperatively. Both participants in a two-player game cannot choose the same type of Bioship.

The game starts with an initial supply of three, four, or five lives, as selected in the settings menu, and more lives are awarded based on score. Most stages also include secret additional lives that may be discovered by firing at them. After all lives are gone, the player(s) have a total of 9 credits with which to continue the game. 


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