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Blades of Vengeance (SEGA GENESIS) Platform 1993

Blades of Vengeance is a platform game developed by Beam Software and released by Electronic Arts for the Mega Drive/Genesis. One or two players can choose one of three fantasy heroes to battle through a variety of platform levels in order to destroy the powers of evil. 


The player (or players) selects one of three characters at the start of the game. The player/s are then tossed into the levels one by one, with a warning about the boss at the conclusion of each one.

The player/s can acquire goods such as silver money, potions, and magic, which they can access via the pause screen. Players may obtain a better view of their surroundings while remaining at the pause screen by holding the C button and panning the screen around the player character using the directional pad. All of the levels are large enough to explore, and many of them have secret areas where the player can pick up additional pick-up items such as potions of healing, invisibility, force fields, poison gas immunity, scrolls boosting player strength, keys, armor for additional attacks and strength per player, the Midas Ring, which turns all enemies into bags of money, and the Blast Wand, which destroys all on-screen enemies.

Similar to Sonic the Hedgehog, the levels were broken into three sections, with the third serving as the boss level. Following each boss encounter, the players were sent to a shop where they could spend their silver money on more things for their inventory for the following stages. The players began with a limited amount of lives, and continues were only available after earning a high number of points or beating a large number of foes; more lives could be purchased in the shop at the conclusion of each world after passing the second one. It was game over once the lives and any gained continues were gone.


The Kingdom has been overrun by the terrible Mannax the Dark Lady. Three adventurers enlisted by the good wizard to "restore order and goodness to the land" The Master's men set out to find and murder her. After slaying Mannax, who assumes the shape of a dragon for the last fight, The Master utilizes his reclaimed full abilities to eliminate all forces of darkness throughout the realm.


    The Huntress: A voluptuous swordswoman with quick mobility, even range, and powerful strikes.
    The Warrior: A strong man with the best assault but limited range and maneuverability.
    The Sorcerer: A haggard old man armed with a staff who had the strongest ranged attacks but was the least     powerful of the three.


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