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Block Out (SEGA GENESIS) Puzzle 1991

Blockout (ブロックアウト) is a puzzle game created by California Dreams and released by Electronic Arts in 1991 for the Sega Mega Drive. It is also available on various consoles and desktops.

It's almost like "3D Tetris" in this game. The game is played from the top down, with the primary goal being clearing "floors" rather than lines. The player is presented with a sequence of shapes made out of cubes that may be rotated on all three axes, similar to Tetris. Like Tetris, the player will lose if his or her pieces reach the top of the screen (i.e. certain floors have holes in them).

Blockout's formula, like Tetris', has been repeated and renamed several times. 



The viewpoint of the player is that of staring down into a three-dimensional rectangular pit. Polycube cubes of diverse forms materialize one by one and tumble slowly into the pit's bottom. The player may rotate the block around any of the three coordinate axes with three buttons and move it horizontally and vertically using a joystick. When any portion of a block touches the pit floor or comes into contact with an already-placed cube, the entire block freezes in place and cannot be moved. The player can fast drop a block by pressing a joystick button. When a solid layer of cubes with no gaps forms (a "face"), it vanishes and all cubes above it fall toward the bottom of the pit to fill the hole. Completing numerous faces with a single block gives better scores, while entirely emptying the pit wins the player a "Block Out" bonus. To conclude each round, a certain number of faces must be completed.

As the game proceeds, the blocks descend quicker, the pit's proportions fluctuate from round to round, and different-shaped blocks arrive. After every fifth round, a bonus stage is performed in which the player has 30 seconds to construct as many faces as possible in a 2x2 pit. With the exception of the bonus stages, the game finishes when the blocks reach the top of the pit; in the latter instance, the level ends instantly and the player progresses to the next round.

The game allows two players to go head-to-head, each with their own pit and blocks. When one player completes a face, all cubes in the opponent's pit rise one level. A round is won when a player is the first to complete a certain number of faces or when their opponent's cubes stack up to the top of the pit. The first person to win a certain number of rounds is allowed to continue the game in single-player mode.

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