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Bloodshot (SEGA GENESIS) Shooter 1994

Domark's Bloodshot, also known as Battle Frenzy in Germany, is a Sega Mega Drive and Sega Mega-CD game. It is famous for being a 3D first-person shooter, one of just a handful available for the Sega Mega Drive and the only one on the Sega Mega-CD.


The game is a first-person shooter in the classic sense. The player mostly moves around passageways, shooting adversaries, and collecting objects such as keys and weapons. The boss in the form of an engine core must be defeated at the conclusion of each stage. This always results in a self-destruct sequence, and the player must return to the beginning place quickly in order to escape alive.

The game takes up the majority of the screen and has significantly thinner boundaries than comparable games like Zero Tolerance, which is an incredible technological feat. There is also a two-player split-screen option. However, the game suffers from slowness, and part of the texture data in the Mega Drive version appears to be damaged, although this was corrected with the Mega-CD version.

Weapons at your disposal:

Tribolt, Rapid, Piercer (which goes through walls), Ricochet (which bounces off walls), and Spray are all available.


The game allows two players to play together through vertical split-screen. The game may be played either competitively or cooperatively.

To enter competitive mode, just select "VS Mode" from the main menu and select a venue. Each player begins on opposing sides of the arena-maze with three lives.

To participate in cooperative play, start the game normally and then press START on the controller of another player. The game will switch to split-screen mode, and the second player will appear. This action necessitates one continue point, which will be deducted. In this mode, there is no friendly fire.


Bloodshot was only available in Mega Drive cartridge form in Europe and Australia. The game was renamed Battle Frenzy in Germany because the moniker was deemed "too violent," despite the fact that the game contains no blood ("Bloodshot" is a code name for the imaginary "Battle Frenzy" chip placed in the player"). The game was unique to the Sega Channel in North America, where it was referred to by its German name to distinguish it from the comic book series of the same name.

The Sega Mega-CD version was similarly only available in Europe until 2003, when a North American version called Battle Frenzy was launched. Good Deal Games created and distributed this version without the permission of Domark or Acclaim Entertainment. On the Mega-CD, sound effects are sampled at a lower bitrate, the number of enemies is reduced, and some levels are altered in order for the game to fit in RAM - this decision was made to avoid having to stream data from the disc during gameplay, which is slower than accessing data from a cartridge and was already being used for music.

Mike Ash created the soundtracks for the Mega Drive and Mega-CD. The Mega Drive version is ambient, whilst the Mega-CD version is trance.


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