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Bonkers (SEGA GENESIS) Action 1994

Bonkers is a Sega Mega Drive action game released in 1994 that is based on Disney's Bonkers animation. It was distributed under the Sega Club label.

The game is made up of tasks with diverse gameplay types, such as shooting donuts at criminals like target practice or navigating a maze seeking for items of clothing to identify a criminal based on a sketch. 


Bonkers is an action game comprised of four mini-games, each separated into 15 increasingly challenging rounds. A password is given after every three rounds, and a bonus game is played for the chance to acquire an additional life. The plot of the game revolves around police officer Bonkers D. Bobcat competing in a "officer of the month" competition in order to impress his partner Lucky when he returns from vacation. As Bonkers, the player must catch four crooks from the television series, each of whom has their own mini-game that may be played in any sequence.

    Harry the Handbag and his raccoon gang break into a museum to steal valuables, and the player must stop them by throwing donuts at them. Enemies take refuge behind pillars and can return Bonkers' donuts.
    The Rat is hidden in a junkyard, where the player must first deal with a garbage machine that assaults by flinging debris at the player. In each round, the player's aim is to dodge the rubbish while constructing a brick wall that blocks out the attacks.
    Mr. Big intends to blow up a warehouse, and the player must navigate a maze of boxes and barrels in order to reach Bonkers' pal, Fall-Apart Rabbit, who can disable the bomb. The player must gather the pieces needed to put Fall-Apart Rabbit together while avoiding rats or knocking containers into them.
    Ma Tow Truck and a gang of automobiles have taken over a motorway, and the player must use things dropped from a police aircraft to drive them off.


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