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Boxing Legends of the Ring (SEGA GENESIS) Sport 1993

Boxing Legends of the Ring is a boxing video game that was released on the Mega Drive/Genesis and Super NES platforms. The boxers are portrayed by 2D sprites viewed from above one of the combatants' shoulders. The game's title alludes to the legendary boxing magazine The Ring, with whom the game has a licensing agreement. Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Durán, Thomas Hearns, James Toney, Marvin Hagler, Jake LaMotta, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Rocky Graziano are among the renowned middleweight boxers portrayed in the game.

In the North American edition, all of the fights take place at the Las Vegas Hilton casino. During fights, there are also HBO commercial banners that are not featured in the Japanese version. The game takes place in a generic boxing ring in the Japanese edition, with the publisher's name replacing the HBO commercials featured in the North American version.

Chavez II, a special version published in Mexico and the American Southwest, replaced the English language words with Spanish and removed certain vocals. 


During fights, the miniature photographs of the fighters' faces at the top of the screen may be used to keep track of the boxers' well-being. These images depict injuries such as cuts and bruises as the combatants are punished, the degree of which indicates the fighter's health (or lack thereof). At the top of the screen, there is also a boxing glove-shaped meter that displays how much force a fighter has left in his strikes (like a real fight, the more punches boxers throw, the more exhausted they become, resulting in weaker blows).

The boxers can only move around the ring by side-stepping left or right; they cannot walk back or forward. Punches can be thrown in a number of ways, including left jabs, crosses to the head, hooks to the body, and uppercuts to the head (all punches except jabs can be thrown with either hand). It is also feasible to throw a limited number of'super punches,' which are effectively a right cross or a right uppercut with more strength. At the start of each round, each boxer has the ability to unleash one super-punch at any moment, albeit this increases with each knockdown they score against their opponent. Blocking, evading, and clinching are examples of defensive strategies. Each boxer has three characteristics: "power," "stamina," and "chin."

There are three modes: "exhibition," "career," and "battle of the legends." A player in 'exhibition' mode can fight as any boxer in the game, against any fighter in the game, or against the console or another player. In 'career' mode, a player develops their own boxer and battles their way through all of the game's boxers before battling for the world championship. If the player loses once in 'career' mode, he is warned that the second loss would result in 'game over,' leaving the player with little choice except to use a password or start over with a new boxer.

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